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Pre and Post Matrimonial Screening

Since marriages are increasingly initiated and arranged through matrimonial consultants and Websites, which may involve heavily high risk in dealing with strangers, the Pre Matrimonial Investigations are very much obligatory in the modern trend. Therefore, in order to avoid unhappy married life, going through Pre Matrimonial Investigation is suggested.

Obviously a successful marriage is not only choosing a right soul mate but also to travel your life journey safe with that right soul mate without any non-replaceable interrupts. Nowadays we often come through various extra-marital affairs and the spouses being dishonest to each other's. An unusual unforeseen change in the behavior of either of the spouses can be threatening to their happy married life. Remarkably before taking actions regarding that either of them should have a clear self-examination and to make it possible have to opt for Post Matrimonial Screening.

Character Report

Our reports are corporate effective and efficiency and must be eliminated in order to maintain a company's competitive edge in the market place. Many financial institutions rely on us to analyze and interview the fraud ones. Enormous amount of money may be saved by timely detection and correction of those problems.


We use modern gadgets and technologies to observe the movements of each individuals as desired by the client and gather both video and photographic evidence. A company prompting of your competitors or an anti-national or litigant harmful to interest of the Company can be tracked with this investigation. Through Surveillance investigation, we can track and catalog the nukes and corners of an individual in front of you like an open accessible booklet. Regular surveillance of an individual helps to expose each and every movement throughout their routine life.

Asset Verification

Verification has diverse meanings that comprises of 'Proving the truth' or 'Confirmation'. Verification of assets is useful for financial Organizations; since they are entirely depend upon the accuracy of the assets submitted for finance.

We also Investigate Individual's assets counting movable and immovable asset verification and compiling of treasury documents for the purpose of legal cases related to assets.

Our bureau has identified number of records regarding personal properties belonging to various companies and its directors and submitted the same to our beloved clients.

Pre & Post employee verification

It is well suited for those who recruit new employees for their Organization and for those who are about to launch a new business. By performing the Pre Employee Verification we can wipe out the prospects of employing flaws at the enrolling phase itself.

This verification helps in mobilizing the finest employees by placing up the proper person for the right position. Accordingly, it is essential to authenticate the accreditations of the entrepreneur before offering them the enrollment.

The working employee may be an espionage agent infiltrating your company prompting of your competitors or an anti-national or litigant harmful to interest of company.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud investigation Fraud investigation is done to verify an individual or a company's reputation, market credibility and other important factors. Financial institutions and corporations find it as an invaluable to have through, detailed knowledge of new business associations.

In case of cheque sign mismatch, we investigate these issues by implementing Graphology study or Graphoanalysis. Graphology is the investigation of the substantial virtues and arrangements of handwriting insisting to be able to pinpoint/spot the writer, illustrating intellectual state in the course of writing, or assessing self peculiarities.

Murder Case

The illegitimate killing of another person, without vindication, is specified to as "murder". The corruption of murder is studied by many, to be the most deliberate crime that someone can violate. By itself, an individual condemned of murder may be imprisoned to serve many years in prison, to spend the rest of their life in prison without the probability of being pardon, or may be convicted to death. The definite lawful explanation of murder differs somewhat by jurisdiction.

Thomas Babington Macaulay is the founder of Education System in India and The Father of Juridical laws in India. Thus pursuing Macaulay's realistic laws, our investigation process comprises of the consecutive aspects that were considered as the aiding factors for Retentive thinking and considered only in India.

Indian Penal Code (IPC)

The Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC)

Indian Evidence Act (IEA)

Scene Of Crime (SOC)

We also undertake Universal clients as well. Obviously, nowadays 60% of the murder crops up in exasperate without outlining. World crime cases can be carved into 3 leagues, counting

Money or things


Pre hostility

Agile response should be made when investigating with these cases, strictly speaking

Hysterical murder

Murder for gain

Murder for theft

Theft Case

Theft is a criminal act that associates dispossessing a person of his property. The legal name theft is a very immense term where it employs to vast dimensions of crimes, all of which comprises of taking of someone's property, with the intent of permanently depriving him of it. We also undertake Bureau Pulling, Lock breaking, Pick pocket and Dacoity cases and investigate these cases with effective & accurate reports.

Interpretation of Theft

The act of stealing,

The act of unlawfully taking and taking away the property of another person with the decision of dispossessing the lawful owner of the custody